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WaySol Tools

Enable a single engineer to design and verify control algorithm of complex  automotive function involving many ECUs’ interaction. 

      WaySol offers a way to systematize convoluted logic flows; facilitates you to invent complex automotive function.

      One engineer only expertly knows some subset of whole vehicle; use WaySol to design a vehicle-wide function that is joint work of multiple subsets. You do you expertise subset, leave the rest to WaySol’s default.

    In today’s advanced automobile, there are a large number of ECUs. Complex functions, such as ADAS and similar, are the results of joint work of many ECUs. It is a formidable task to design a multi-ECU function, ensure correct network communication, sequential interaction, fault handling, and meet functional safety requirements.   

    Using WaySol tools, a single engineer can design a vehicle function of multi-ECUs. He can immediately verify his design result in vehicle animation after every small design change.

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